Good day, fellow Alchemists:

On our manifesting journey, we come to certain crossroads that make us question what it is we really want. And as we gradually attain that which we originally sought after, the why of our journey becomes more defined. Why is it that we have the ability to manifest in the first place? What is this reality in which we live that reacts so rhythmically in accordance with our thoughts?

While these questions are yet to be answered, it is interesting to see how we change as individuals after receiving the life we always wished to live. The first major change you may have noticed is an increase in your compassion for other people. It's no great secret that a person is at their happiest when they are living in abundance, but this truth extends itself further in our desire to see others happy as well.

This may shed light on why major religions around the world teach about compassion and its importance in attaining wisdom. Those who have mastered themselves are able to see what is truly important. Eventually, their desires become attuned with the wants and needs of the world, which is nothing less than collective awakening and infinite bliss for all.

By mastering life and manifesting our desires, we fulfill the role of both student and teacher. We become a beacon of light for others to follow in our footsteps.  As we get closer and closer to our ideal existence, we may even begin to shed layers of our ego that hold back our manifesting true joy.

If, for example, one were to attempt to manifest a life full of bliss, that person may let go of karmic attachments that have been holding back their blessings. All of this happens through practicing the Law of Attraction!

In a world that is just ahead of us, we may become a version of ourselves we never believed would come to fruition. When looking in the mirror, the person looking back at us may be someone we don't recognize. That's because at the beginning of our journey we didn't know who we wanted to be, yet. We only had a vague idea or feeling in our mind, and the Universe helped materialize that thought-form through our very being.

It is that wonder of what will be that makes life so interesting. You may not know what you want yet, but that isn't stopping you from manifesting it.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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