The greatest limitation that we must deal with is ourselves. Not in the sense that we are limited, no, but in that we are the very force that creates all of our experiences in this reality. And thus, we are responsible, not only for our life's outcomes but also for the journey we have along the way.

That fact is never more apparent than when receiving the wrong end of an attraction goal. Perhaps you're adding an extra step in your manifesting that you don't want to take. For example, if you say that your soul mate will find you once you move to a new city, and you don't want to move from where you are, then obviously, the desire will not become manifest. Instead, if you envision your soul mate finding you, no matter where you are in the world, it is a lot more likely to happen and more effortlessly too.

Planning out your manifestations has to be the focus of your intentions. Yet, so many times, when manifesting something, details of what you don't truly desire may enter into the mix. Unnecessary extra steps usually stem from limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness. Coming back to the soul mate problem, most people don't believe they are worthy of a partner unless they change something within themselves or their external circumstances. But, considering what we know about LOA, this is simply untrue.

If you wish to manifest something into your life, it doesn't need to be a logical occurrence. As some of us already know, life can be chaotic and unpredictable. Use this truth to your advantage when manifesting. Our minds never seem to shy away from irrational beliefs of how bad things can go, yet they never flow in a positive direction.

Remember Alchemist; we are always manifesting our current and future reality. Every thought that enters our mind, each little belief taught to us as children, all of our memories and emotions become the building blocks to our lives.

As a word of advice, loosen your grip and allow the Universe to shape itself when manifesting. Keep only your most genuine desires close to your heart and in your mind.
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