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Since time immemorial, something that has filled humanity with curiosity is the prospect of getting to reincarnate. To be given the chance to start over as a new person, can such a thing really be possible? According to most religions in the world, the answer is YES!

Almost all eastern religions incorporate an aspect of reincarnation as part of the afterlife experience. Even indigenous cultures and some sects of Orthodox Judaism believe in the idea of reincarnation. The strangest and most convincing evidence for reincarnation, however, comes from actual living people who can remember their past lives, most of whom are children.

These children claim to remember their past lives and their stories contain great amounts of detail. Countless stories have been told of parents hearing their child recount details of their previous job, family members, and even the date and time of death of another life they have lived. During sit-downs with a psychologist, they are determined to be mentally healthy with nothing more than an overactive imagination. However, after following up on the information in their child's stories, parents soon discover that many of the details are verifiable.

It is believed by some that a child is the closest to source energy. Having been in the prelife/afterlife state only years prior to identifying with their current ego, they are able to recall who they once were with little difficulty. Of course, this can occur in adults through sudden awakenings, during which one is completely immersed in source energy and temporarily free of their ego. It can also happen after years of spiritual progress through meditation and yogic practices.

A much easier method was developed by hypnotherapists called past life regression, which allows one to enter a trance-like state, opening them up to higher levels of consciousness, and allowing details of their past life to occasionally surface in their conscious minds. This type of regression is possible even by simply setting an intention for discovering your past life right before you begin a meditation session.

All you must do is be willing to receive the information and the Universe will deliver it according to your intentions.

Remembering your past lives can be an intense experience. Some people have even reported sudden outbursts of crying or even screaming when recalling who they once were and all the pain they experienced.

This is part of the healing process.

During every lifetime, we accumulate trauma and very rarely do we purge it from our being. By connecting to those past lives, we are given the chance to heal from those metaphysical wounds that may still be affecting us negatively in our current lives, leading us to be more spiritually liberated than ever before.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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