Good day, fellow Alchemist:

While it may be an obvious statement, you are an INTEGRAL part of the world. That's not a polite way of saying you're a cog in the wheel. What we're really saying is, the world would simply not be what it is if you weren't in it. The world NEEDS you, and the role you play is INFINITELY more important than you know.

How could that be? You might ask. There are billions of people in the world, many of whom are leagues more important and vital to humanity than I am. So what?

Despite the fact that determining one's own importance is subjective, nothing can take away the value that your conscious interactions can offer the world. You see, Alchemist, when we incarnate into this world, we bring with us a unique trail of existence that has led us to the present moment. That trail entangles itself with the world, making your existence inseparable from the rest of humanity. Every lifetime we may have lived, all the actions we may have taken, and all the people we interacted with, all of it helped create the NOW. Even from the highest all-encompassing perspective of the Universe, each and every one of our existence is a MIRACLE on its own. The very fact that life exists and that we are all here together is indicative of a grand purpose behind every conscious being.

Now, do you see how important you are? With that importance comes a nexus of action; your cause and effect on this planet. And it is through those actions that a well-defined role is created. By mixing yourself with this world and being alive in the present moment, you became a part of this story; the human story.

While the other people in the story are out making rocket ships, creating masterpieces, or saving the world, just know that you are part of those events, as well. Even if you don't find yourself where you want to be, if your goals seem far off in the future or maybe even impossible, understand that the person you are in the present moment is in the center of all existence.

The world is aware of our presence in the story so we must all continue to trudge our way to the next chapter.

Stamping our souls into every page, we will leave a legacy in this incredible fantasy that we call life.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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