The time has come to revisit some basic concepts in the law of attraction. Mainly, let's explore why we choose to create our reality in the first place.

Why is it necessary for us, as spiritual beings having a human experience, to try and change our life path according to our desires? Some might say that it is far more spiritually synced to allow the world around us to shape itself rather than trying to force it to be a certain way.

Allowing reality to unfold naturally might sound correct when taken at face value; the path of least resistance and the courage to let the universe shape itself are core teachings of many spiritual practices.

However, we are constantly creating and changing our reality and the realities of those around us through our beliefs. It isn't even necessary to believe in the law of attraction to see that our actions and words change the course of history.

And that is nothing compared to the energetic effects we have on one another since we also exist in each other's minds just as much as we do in the physical plane. That means if others have misconceptions about you, they can become real in your shared reality if you allow it.

Other people's perspective of who we are is usually why many of us have difficulties changing ourselves while living amongst old friends and family. It's because they have a particular image of us, which is difficult to change.

You see, Alchemist, if you choose not to take hold of your creation vortex, the world will eventually choose a destiny for you, one that may not align cosmically in the first place. Practicing the law of attraction methods gives us a fighting chance to have the life we want.

In many ways, by fulfilling our earthly desires while incarnate in physical bodies, we accomplish our original purpose of coming down to this realm in the first place.

Every time we attract something we want, we move our level of consciousness higher and higher until our wants transcend worldly attachments.​​
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