Most spiritual practices aim to accomplish a straightforward goal; to help the practitioner process their ego and the experiences that helped define their personality. Unfortunately, we are all drowning in ourselves, lost within the patterns we've created. Those same patterns cause us to be stuck in our ways and suffer unnecessarily.

Spiritual practices introduce a new pattern that may interrupt our existing frequency. For this reason, many meditators experience old memories and flashes of stimuli they've consumed over the years during their mediation. It can be pretty disruptive, especially if those flashes are disturbing or traumatic.

However, seeing old memories or stimuli during mediation is part of how our mind is finally processing those experiences.

Alchemist, much of life is incredibly chaotic, and we rarely are given a chance to catch our breath. The same goes for our ability to process all sorts of stimulation throughout the day and even past experiences. We need a moment to actualize our past selves into the present.

That's why it's so important to watch what you consume. Something as simple as going on social media and seeing an unsavory video can seep into your unconscious, requiring you to process even more experiences.

Alchemist, we can partake in a wide variety of cleansing rituals, mediations, and plant medicine ceremonies, but if we don't maintain the upkeep our psyche requires, we may never find the stability and peace we long after.

Remember, a mind unfettered by the distractions of the ego and unwanted experiences will naturally be in a state of bliss. To let that bliss unfold, we must process our unavoidable and undesirable experiences.

Just like cleaning a house, it's not enough to simply clean once. We must maintain cleanliness and avoid dirtying up the place for no good reason.

The human mind is like a sponge, soaking up any information placed before it. So make sure you consume things that bring you joy and raise your vibration. The universe responds in kind to your mental and emotional state, so emit the frequency you wish to see reflected in your reality.
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