Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

When being told by someone to follow your heart, the usual reaction is one of apathy and jadedness. As though those words are devoid of all meaning. The truth is, Alchemist, that if we were to internalize these words, then it is very possible that we would discover their profound meaning.

In Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, we are taught the value of listening to one's heart and how it can assist us in discovering our personal legend. The story follows a shepherd boy on a journey to discover his treasure. Along the way, he meets many different kinds of people and learns about the world and himself, allowing him to accomplish his dream and fulfilling his personal legend (If you haven't read the book yet, we highly recommend checking it out).

This is the essence of what it means to follow your heart. It is common for people to fall into a life they are unhappy with, and the excuse that dreams don't come true is easy to empathize with. Life is difficult. To even arrive at a place we are satisfied with can be a struggle. The first step is always the most difficult and can sometimes be frightening for those who have become stuck in their ways.

That is exactly why heart-centered living is so incredible. By living through your heart and following what makes you excited, many obstacles will be removed from your path, and your personal legend can begin!

When you ask for something, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

That is, only if you're willing to engage in the story that has been set up for you. This requires courage and the ability to trust in the world. Everything that happens all around us is part of a whole that encompasses everyone and their individual stories. All that has happened in your life is a result of every interaction you've had, which eventually led you to the place you're in now.

Serendipity is the magic of this world, and by trusting that your heart will lead you in the right direction, this magic becomes actualized.

Listen very carefully when your heart speaks; its voice can be quiet, but it is filled with strong desires.

with love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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