Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

The human mind is a mysterious tool. Many have tried to disassemble it; analyzing every single one of its features, leaving no stone unturned. And yet, more mysteries can be found. It is an instrument that can make or break us when it matters most. It is simultaneously the source and the solution to all of our problems.

If we can master the mind, many of the obstacles in our way will cease to exist, and building a life of fulfillment for ourselves will be much more plausible. However, this is no easy task due to how our mood has such a profound effect on the way our mind operates. The idea of controlling our mind may seem impossible, but with a change in perspective, we can be well on our way to mastering it.

But what does it mean to master our mind?

To control our thoughts is a notion that has been largely thrown away due to its restrictive nature. This is why we are constantly taught in meditation to simply observe our thoughts rather than control them.

To build on this idea, think of your mind as a naughty child. The more you try and force the child to behave a certain way, the more resistant the child will be. Like the child, our mind has to be taught proper behavior, encouraged in positive ways, and must experience things first hand to grow properly. We often find ourselves at the mercy of our mind, which incarnates as problems like depression, anxiety, lack of focus, or even insomnia.

These are all due to behaviors that your mind has learned. They are a type of coping mechanism that only serves to exacerbate the problems we originally are dealing with. Negative reactions are habits that we can train ourselves to stop doing, just like any other habit we have. A simple way to hack into our brain's matrix is by taking a moment to breathe.

Whenever a moment of mental anguish arises, take a breath inward for four seconds and then let it out for four seconds. Do this continuously until a sensation of tranquility manifests.

This simple technique can help the mind calm down for just a moment, and find clarity.

The more moments of clear consciousness you have during times of mental anguish, the more your mind will begin to associate the two states and a new coping mechanism will be developed.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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