When entering a space, humans instantly begin to mold to their environment and adapt energetically. This energetic adaption is a tool for us to be able to handle whatever life throws in our direction.

However, adaptability can be a double-edged sword. Energy carries with it the intentions of others, like a kind of disembodied consciousness patterned after the thoughts of whoever first created it. Therefore, adapting to someone's energy or the energetic state of a particularly hostile environment can negatively impact your aura and overall well-being.

Here are some tips to deflect harmful intentions away from you while maximizing positivity in your inner world.

Become more disagreeable. Co-creating experiences with other people thwart our ability to create reality. We constantly agree to the rules and limitations of others. Quietly harden yourself internally and know that most people's perspectives on things are just opinions, not facts. Don't be afraid to be stubborn.

Wear white when entering crowded areas and avoid wearing black in places filled with negative energy. White deflects energy while black attracts it. When visiting places like hospitals, airports, or anywhere crowded, you want to avoid absorbing too much from your surroundings. Wear black when you're around energy you want to absorb, like in nature.

Ask for protection from your guardian angels. At times, it may feel like we're going up against the world all alone but know that beings exist on higher planes that are watching and protecting you at all times. Asking for help increases the likelihood that they'll get involved.

Lastly, enhance the strength of your aura. A simple method is to sit in meditation and imagine your body surrounded by a golden ball of light. Then, slowly expand that golden ball into surrounding your entire room, then your house, neighborhood, city, and eventually the whole planet. Do this as part of your daily practice, and your aura will increase in strength and size, protecting your energetic purity.

Good luck, and remember that negative forces can never overcome a pure heart and mind!
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