Why are we so afraid to go it alone? We were born into this world free, with the single mission of experiencing life, and yet rarely do we ever pry ourselves away from the guiding hands of those we assume to have the correct answers.

But that's an illusion, isn't it? The idea that someone somewhere has the answers we're seeking. Some of us, venturing diligently in search of wisdom, may even find ourselves at the feet of a master. While a teacher is always the surest way to learn and grow, and of course, a surgeon definitely shouldn't be self-taught, it can also be a trap that limits us. By looking towards someone else for answers, we cap ourselves to their knowledge. Just think of the mysteries that lie beyond what has already been attained by a single person. The possibilities are endless!

Naturally, one would be fearful of trying something new without the approval of a respected authority figure. We are social animals, and adhering to the rules of a hierarchy is normal. But is the fear that comes with it grounded in reality? And on that note, is the notion of doing what others do genuine to the human experience?

If we look back at history, the most incredible inventions, revolutions, and discoveries came to be through people going at something wholly alone and, at times, even unacknowledged. The outcome of these lived experiments in uniqueness is not ridicule but reverence.

Think of Jesus and the Buddha. Who were they other than individuals who went about life in their own unique way? We, as human beings, don't just admire individuality; we worship it.

Go it alone, Alchemist. It may just be the last piece of advice you ever take.

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