Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

Existence is an absolute mystery to us humans.

No matter how much we try to delve into the the most basic principles that comprise our reality, we always seem to be missing information.
 This is true for both scientific and spiritual pursuits.

What science lacks in its explanations of the world is an all encompassing meaning - a Why factor.  Spirituality on the other hand, lacks verifiable evidence for the existence of anything beyond the physical. ​​It is dependent on individual experiences.

Perhaps this is the way it should be. The universe, after all, is not obliged to make sense to us. But what if we try on a spiritual perspective and view it through the lens of a scientific mind? Maybe by blending the best of the two beliefs we can derive an even deeper truth.​

​Alchemist, there is a common spiritual axiom which states that all is mind - everything is created through thought. But the word thought is not exactly accurate here. If it were simply our thoughts, the universe and all of existence would be quite fickle.

The correct verbiage would be: the imagination. ​It is through the imagination that we discover ourselves. 

It is a gateway to psychological archetypes talked about by Carl Jung, which dictate how we view the world as a collective. Imagination is also the direct result of having an animal who thinks in words and can see days and weeks into the future - that would be us.

Scientist and spiritual gurus can agree that the act of imagining is something uniquely human. So when we think of the world and how it was shaped and how it changes, we need not cling to the idea of a static reality but instead one created by conscious beings.

A reality woven together so tightly by individual imagination that penetrating it is almost impossible, creating an illusion of consistency.​

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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