Good day, fellow Alchemists:

When we look out into the night sky, most of the stars that are there can sometimes be invisible to us. Our eyes, when adjusted to the bright lights of cities and screens, cannot clearly see something shining so far away. Yet, if we gaze into the darkness of the night sky for long enough, a multitude of stars will appear one after the other without end.

Nothing changed in the sky; new stars weren’t magically formed in a matter of seconds just for our viewing pleasure. The only thing that changed was our perspective. Our eyes adjusted to the darkness, and we learned to see something that would have normally gone unnoticed.

Alchemist, this is exactly what most of us experience when trying to find opportunity and abundance in our lives.

The bright, neon-colored, distractions that we submerge ourselves in through social media, the endless amounts of articles expounding despair and doom, pointless arguments with people online that only serve to spread our hurt; all of these thing have blinded us.

We search desperately for opportunities to improve our lives both financially and spiritually, yet we are incapable of seeing what is right in front of us. The possibilities for both our personal growth and our purpose in being here are endless.

It may seem as though the reality of lacking is too vividly printed onto this world, but it is all an illusion of the ego. The ego depends on a lacking reality as a basis for its drive to move forward; it was built upon survival and protecting itself. In order for us to obtain the life we want, our ego must either grow or step aside.

Remember, abundance is a state of mind!

Just as with seeing stars in the night sky, we must adjust our mental framework to believe and accept that the stars are there, regardless if we see them just yet.

Spend time in quiet isolation and allow your mind to be detached from the machinations of the ego.

Your mind will adjust to the dark, and quiet void within you, out of which the brightest lights ever seen will emerge.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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