Have We Entered A New Timeline?

Have We Entered A New Timeline?

Alchemist, it may be possible that small changes have recently occurred in our reality that may signify a switch in the planet's collective energetic alignment.

It's hard to say what might have caused this sudden cosmic turn; some believe that the recent experiments conducted at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider could be the likely catalyst.

In times of confusion, we often cling to sound explanations as our guide through all the strange changes happening around us. But unfortunately, reality doesn't always abide by rules easily understood by human reasoning.

While no scientists or spiritual leaders can make any guarantees, it is evident that shifts in the planet's collective consciousness have happened before and are likely to happen again.

What matters most during a shift, such as the one we may be experiencing at the moment, is to find yourself within it and see how you can use the loosening of our collective and unconscious limiting beliefs for the greater good.

Now, more than ever is an ideal time for manifesting a different reality. One in which you are more fulfilled and aligned to your higher purpose. The usual energetic state of the planet makes it hard to take sudden leaps into new timelines. After all, we are co-creators of this human experience we currently live. But right now, we are all like a blank canvas. Anything can happen at any moment.

Alchemist, it is time that we come together as one conscious being and create a new story for our civilization. Looking to the past, we can see our ancestor's struggles clearly, and we, their predecessors, are still processing the karmic affliction they've created. The time has come for us to burn our current karma and enter a new cycle of higher consciousness.

Raise your vibration, Alchemist. Transcend the limitations of the third dimension and become the conscious being you are meant to be.
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