With the arrival of the Jewish holiday Passover, it may be an appropriate time to examine an overlooked lesson that hides within its lore. According to the Bible, the Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt for 400 years before Moses led them to freedom.

However, shortly after their liberation, they began complaining about the hardships of their new life in the desert. They missed the comfort and security of their old life in Egypt and grumbled about the lack of food and water in the wilderness. This led to a series of confrontations between Moses and his people as he tried to guide them toward the Promised Land while they struggled with doubt and fear.

Yet, despite their complaints, the Hebrews ultimately persevered and overcame the challenges they faced, a testament to their resilience and faith. It may have taken 40 years of traveling through the desert, but ultimately, it was worth reaching their destination.

Alchemist, we can learn from the Hebrew's experience of regretting their own freedom. So many times in life, on our journey toward manifesting our desires, the world around us begins to change dramatically. We may be thrown out of our homes or thrust into an entirely new experience we aren't prepared for, making us feel much discomfort.

But that very discomfort forces us to transform and transmute our previous selves into an entirely new state of being. The process of alchemy is always occurring. It's just not clear which step we're on or how long we must endure. But if we can stay faithful in dark times, we'll find our way through any obstacle. After all, without pressure, there can be no diamond. Without dirt, there will be no flowers.

Challenging experiences can be a potent catalyst for change. If you are currently wandering the desert, remember that this is a cause you set in motion. Your desire for self-actualization has taken you on a journey to becoming your best possible self.

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