Good day, dear Alchemists:

Life is but a dream; that bit of truth is shared between just about every religion and culture, even in the songs we sing to children. In movies like The Matrix, the idea that reality, as we see it, is not real, is promulgated through its storyline. This is just one of many examples found in human culture that refer to reality as not real in one way or another.

Regardless of which source is dropping hints about the dream-reality, the need to wake up from the dream seems to be reoccurring within the message. It is almost as if the message of awakening is being delivered directly into our field of experience for us to learn how to do it. Of course, not everyone gets in contact with this bit of information. Not to mention how difficult a concept it is to comprehend. Even modern science is only now beginning to grasp the truth of our existence.

The more we learn about the quantum level of reality - how atoms can be both particles and waves, depending on how we observe them - the more the illusion of realness starts to break down, from the materialist point of view.

Coming back to the example of The Matrix, like Neo, we can learn to read and understand the illusory reality we're apart of and take control of it. This form of advanced awakening comes from years of meditation and inner searching. Sudden awakenings have also been known to happen, especially in this accelerated time that we are currently living in.

While we can't guarantee a full messianic awakening, like in The Matrix, we can show you where to begin your journey to hack the matrix of reality for your benefit. Start by observing your emotions rather than controlling them, as we are often taught as children. Controlling your emotions will only serve to repress and cement you into negative thought patterns. Observing your emotions while they run freely and unabated will allow you to track where it is they stem from. It is very common to become stuck in cycles of emotional reactions that are beyond our control. By observing our emotions we can notice our behavior and how to keep us in a loop of cause and effect. This ability is very similar to changing a nightmare into a good dream by becoming aware that you're in one.

​When awareness sets in during any given situation, control is returned to you.

Another important way of seeing through the matrix is by viewing other beings as extensions of us. We are all one; only in the dream world do we live separately as individuals. Once learning of our integral connection with all that is, we begin to strip away layers of illusion that have covered the truer reality we are a part of. This, in turn, raises our consciousness beyond the limited perspective we have as individuals. By continually attempting to see the bigger picture and reminding ourselves of the true nature of reality, we can slowly gain the ability to decipher the matrix we live in and direct our destiny however we see fit.

By mastering the dream, we gain the freedom to wake up.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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