Alchemist, where are your intentions being guided to at this moment? Are you aware of the direction most of your consciousness is shifting?

Knowing how your energetic field shapes your reality is of the utmost importance. All humans constantly have intentions siphoned by their surroundings, and by relation, their thoughts, and energy work against their most important goals.

It is no wonder why most people never seem to accomplish any of their goals. Being conscious in the modern era is akin to being a leaking bucket. We can sit in mediation for hours, use positive affirmations and mantras, and even apply maximum effort towards an outcome, only to have it fizzle out.

Many spiritual practitioners teach their students to focus on the center of their bodies, keeping all their conscious intent inside of themselves to nourish a greater creation.

Keeping our vital energy from leaking is known to slow the aging process. It is the cornerstone of practicing internal alchemy and transmuting one's consciousness. It is also the basis for manifesting specific outcomes. Instead of focusing the energy within yourself, you focus it on one particular outcome, which then builds an energetic framework for reality to sink into and become manifest.

However, doing this requires enormous will and dedication, and one must abstain from many modern distractions.

Spiritual tools like the Alchemy Amulets exist to aid everyday people in honing their intentions. By aligning to a specific frequency, the wearers' intentions can be channeled towards their goal unconsciously, like manifesting while sleeping.

Practices like Reiki work through a similar mechanism wherein one Reiki master will transmit the frequency of Reiki to their student.

Whether you are honing your intentions through sheer will or aligning it effortlessly, it is essential to understand that reality is created through consciousness.

Alchemist, use this technology along with your meditation practice to enhance your intentions and move closer to your manifesting goals.
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