On our arduous journey of self-realization and manifesting the life we want, we often face insurmountable obstacles to overcome. We may lack anything from financial support, a significant other, or just plain old good luck. It may seem like a mountain of problems is in our way, and nothing short of a miracle can clear the path.

But does it have to be this way? Isn't the very act of encountering problems, in it of itself, something we have manifested? And, of course, we expect to have a time delay between what we want and what we have since, despite what we wish for in our minds, no one wants their soul mate to fall out of the sky on top of them literally. But on the way to receiving what we want, why are there so many extra steps involved? Perhaps we aren't manifesting with efficiency in mind.

Or maybe, just maybe, we haven't entirely accepted the changes we must go through to reach our attraction goals? More often than not, if we examine our inner emotional state, we find this to be the case.

If, at every step on your journey, you were to look behind you and wonder about what could have been, you would never reach your destination. For this reason, a time delay exists because of the doubt we feel at every turn. Accept that we are the captain at the helm, steering the ship and navigating the seas. When we stop moving forward, so does the vessel, yet the waves still carry on.

To put it bluntly, we're afraid. Humans are creatures of habit and are pretty adaptable. Once we reach solid ground, we seldom abandon it for greater heights. Considering the volatile climate of the natural world, wanting stability is reasonable. However, we cannot allow the instincts developed by our ancestors for outrunning lions to hinder our growth in the modern world. Society has changed, and we are moving into a great awakening.

Every single human on this planet is in the process of engaging with their spiritual dimensions. The old world of timidness and sheeple compliance is ending, and each one of us has the opportunity to pursue our passions. And the muses we choose to follow aren't limited to the realm of just careers or hobbies, to bonuses and weekend getaways; it is a new way of life, a Goldilocks fit for all our needs, free of any compromises.

We are on a precipice, Alchemist. Move forward, don't look back.
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