Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

Are we alone in the Universe? That question seems to come up more often these days.  Especially with the ongoing release of information from the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, which is set to gradually declassify information on UFOs over the coming months; we may actually have conclusive answers within our lifetime about the existence of alien life.

Of course, to some degree, we were all expecting aliens to exist in one form or another. There is even a theory as to why we have yet to make contact with them, known as the Fermi-paradox.

The Fermi-paradox states that, given the expansiveness of the Universe, much more evidence of extra-terrestrials should exist. There are innumerable amounts of planets with the potential to produce life in our Universe. Some of these planets should have led to space-faring civilizations sprouting endlessly throughout our 15 billion-year-old Universe.

So where are all the aliens hiding?​

The only explanation for this problem is the existence of great filters. Perhaps all intelligent civilizations destroy themselves at some point. Or maybe a single species has been dominating all others since the beginning of time. It could also be that the most unlikely scenario is actually true; that we are alone in the Universe or that intelligent life is incredibly rare.

We are here today to discuss another possibility.  That our perspective on how life and intelligence evolve together are far too narrow.

Could it be that life exists in other dimensions that cannot be seen by lower-density beings such as ourselves?

As we've discussed in previous transmissions, our perception is limited to a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic scale. Beings who vibrate at a frequency higher or lower than us will go unnoticed, regardless if they exist on other planets or in our living room. Some people claim to have had experiences with these beings during dreams or out of body experiences.

Whether we refer to them as ghosts, aliens, angels, or even demons, it is entirely possible that we share space with a variety of different beings. It would be arrogant to assume that all life should look and behave as we do and function within the same realm of physics that we are subjected to.

So when an etheric blob of psychic spores tries to contact you via telepathy, stay calm, and represent our species with grace.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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