In many spiritual circles, people often discuss the limitless nature of the spirit which dwells within us. We imagine the fantastic possibilities that can be accomplished through raising our vibrations to higher levels and expanding our consciousness. After all, once our beliefs are aligned with the infinite self, what then can stop us?

But how can it be that, while many of us are on the brink of self-actualization, we still have trouble with simple day-to-day human activities? Something like maintaining a workout schedule or a proper diet shouldn’t be that difficult for limitless beings such as ourselves to undertake. So what is really keeping us from following through on our goals?

The answer lies within our ability to trust ourselves.

You see Alchemist, self-trust is the fuel our willpower uses to exert itself. Sadly, due to the influences of others and our own shortcomings, this self-trust is chipped away bit by bit through out our lives. And while it is easy to lose self-trust, building it back up can be challenging.

Self-trust is lost when you take actions that undermine your will. Instead of following through on a goal you’ve set for yourself, you give up on it when the time comes to act.

This is why you need a willpower workout regiment.

The following instructions are simple to understand, yet they will have a profound effect on your life.

We recommend picking five pointless and easy tasks a day with a set time frame in which to do them, and making sure they are accomplished. It can be anything, like maybe standing on one leg for ten seconds at three o’clock, or lifting a cup from one side of the table to the other in thirty minutes from now.

It may sound silly, but there is a good reason for these tasks to be easy and pointless.

Any goal you have can at some point be deemed pointless. You can easily convince yourself not to do something, even though you wanted it at an earlier time. By accomplishing pointless tasks, you train your willpower to obey your instructions, regardless of the reasoning behind it. And since the task is easy, you have no excuse not to do it.

In time, your words and actions will be one and the same.

Eventually, you may even begin to be more careful with your words, since you know they will result in direct action.

This will also mean that you have begun to understand yourself better and know what it is you truly want from life.​

Trust yourself Alchemist, and become powerful.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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