Good day, fellow Alchemists:

There is a great arrogance that lies within a pessimist and its important to note from where it originates. Believing this will never work out or there's no way I can do this are thoughts that stem from the EGO. The ego inhabits our minds and enthralls us in logical analysis of the world and the experiences we have.

This usually results in assumptions like this:​Because I've seen something work out badly in the past, it will inevitably happen again. Logically speaking, that is a correct assumption. That is, assuming the information you were given is factual. However, our minds often fail to compute the inner-workings of what's going on around us.

For example: Say you take a test in class. You studied as hard as you possibly could but when you receive your results, you find out that you've failed. Some assumptions can be made here, like, I'm not smart enough, or the exam was rigged against me. From the outside, it is easy to determine why these assumptions are incorrect, but when faced with these dilemmas, the emotional ramifications they create cause us to identify with a false narrative.

It is only when we become aware that our past experience cannot properly predict future events that we can truly expand the possibilities that are available to us in this reality.

We have to LET GO of our expectations.

By being free of the traps the ego sets for us, we can reconsider everything we have believed to be impossible. This can happen individually and on a global level. It was once believed that humans could never run a mile in less than four minutes. It wasn't until Roger Bannister ran a four-minute mile that humanity as a whole believed it was possible. Since then, many people, some still in high school, have run the mile in UNDER four minutes. This event changed the code in our collective-unconscious that dictated how fast a person can run, resulting in a world where running a mile in under four minutes is commonplace.

The same can occur in your daily life.​By relinquishing the control that expectations have on us we don't simply become optimists; we become realists in the most real sense.

After all, understanding the limitless nature of our reality is the most logical stance we can take in a world where anything is possible.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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