Have you found yourself lost yet again in the maze of the third dimension, Alchemist? It must take its toll being so sure that your problems are grounded in reality, that your worry can somehow improve your situation.

Rest assured, the world is still spinning. It was spinning before you were here living on it, and it will continue to turn long after you're gone. Does that depress you? Should that depress you? At what point were you ever promised permanence?

Life is fleeting, yes, but if you'd pay attention to your inner feelings, you'd know that our time here on Earth is as long as it's supposed to be. If you'd search even deeper, you'd see how perfect each moment is and how beautiful it is to watch every slight shift in the day's energy.

The fact that life ends is what makes us impervious to all things. Being part of the ever-changing, impermanent world, or what Buddhist call anicca, means we don't need to cling to the world as it is now. Everything is changing and flowing according to an ancient pattern. We are part of that flow and pattern; therefore, nothing in our lives can be wrong.

We are always exactly where we need to be. Learn to swim in life's current instead of paddling against it. Remember Alchemist, we all chose to be here, to experience this reality to the fullest.

There are no mistakes; everything happens for a reason.

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Thank you! reading this today just helped to remind that all is well, I just need to keep up with the god force within me. Blessings,



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