The three aspects of change

Moving through the physical dimension enables us to transform our consciousness and self-actualize as creators. But this only happens if the proper steps occur during our lives, which can awaken an affinity for wisdom, optimal health, and emotional/spiritual vibrancy within us.

Alchemist, many healers will tell you that to cure an illness, you must target its energetic source. The subtle energy bodies of living creatures require delicate tuning, not unlike a musical instrument, and for the body to function correctly, all energy gateways must flow naturally. Similarly, the awakening of wisdom and the unfolding of bliss also depends on subtle energy attunement.

One can attempt to change their external life circumstances by changing their environment; they may also try to expand their consciousness through reading books, listening to lectures, and engaging their minds on a higher level. However, if they are not energetically ready for higher consciousness or specific blockages keep them from awakening, they may not make as much progress as expected.

Now, this may sound like all that matters is energy, but that is not the case. On the contrary, many people who forgo learning and physically changing may face similar obstacles. Alchemist, the true way to reach higher levels of consciousness and unlock your innate bliss is through balance. You can achieve inner equanimity and heal yourself of all ailments by optimizing your mind, body, and spirit together.

Think of it in terms of a manifestation goal. Imagine there is an ideal reality you wish to create and say it requires you to change locations, learn a new language, and start a new life. You must apply all aspects of your being, mental, physical, and spiritual, to succeed at this manifestation. The dream job, relationship, friend group, and successes all exist where and when you want them to, but if you don't move physically and energetically towards them, with the whole of your being, it won't change your reality.

Take on a spiritual practice you align with, and learn to move energy through your body. Standard energetic practices like Qi Gong, various forms of Yoga, Reiki, and acupuncture can all help remove energetic blockages. Of course, with differences in technique come discrepancies in results, so be sure to thoroughly learn what it is you want from a particular practice and what different methods may offer you.

Adding energy arts to your daily practice may reveal many new opportunities to you in this life. Be open to what may come and accepting of life's ups and downs. Remember, everything is working out, best-case scenario.
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Everything Is working out in the best possible way.


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