Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Our emotional states have a profound effect on our energetic field. The constant influxes of chaotic external events can create patterns of negativity that can be felt in our aura, binding us to a lower vibrational frequency. This negative constraint superimposes the feelings we had during a bad situation over our natural energetic state. The impact this has on our well-being runs deep and even impedes our manifesting abilities.

Modern science has only just begun to uncover the truth about how reality is formed from our thoughts, but the knowledge that negative emotions affect our health has been widely accepted among health care professionals for quite some time. That bit of information is especially important considering how health-conscious society has become in recent months; all the while, ignoring the impact that emotional distress has on our immune system.

The combining of these two concepts, emotions affecting our health and our thoughts creating reality, results in an elaborate matrix of emotional reality creation. By opening our minds to the energetic spectrum, some people may be able to view another person's aura. What you may see when someone is under stressful negative emotions is their aura turning dim and dingy. The color (If you could perceive it) would turn dark and grey and it would fluctuate around the person chaotically. Imagine what happens when someone is constantly in this negative state, possessed by dangerous emotions. They would manifest their anger, sadness, stress, and volatility in every aspect of their lives. Even the people around them would be negatively affected.

Conversely, someone who is engaged in positive thoughts and feelings will have a bright and colorful aura. They would bring an air of bliss with them wherever they go and manifest only kindness and abundance from the world around them.

The power of a loving inner nature can transmute the reality around us, sometimes almost instantly.

Our health depends on positivity and our ability to allow happy emotions to flow. This may seem like a lesson that we have all learned before but society's addiction to negative emotions is as strong as ever We are at an impasse; if we choose to cling to thoughts that disempower us, then we will continue to live a life that thrives on anger, stress, and sadness.

When you are feeling emotions that pollute your aura with a crashing storm of toxicity, don't dwell in the sadness; don't wait to drown in the rain. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are LOVED and that everything is going according to plan.

Choose, in that moment of desperation, to build the brightest future for yourself, free of unwanted pain, and filled with joyful experiences.

Choose happiness.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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