Good day, fellow Alchemists:

We often talk about how our power is limitless; how, the only limitations we may run into stem from our own misguided beliefs. While this is true, there are some systems of energetic exchanges we should be aware of when confronted with a state of lacking. 

Alchemist, throughout time immemorial, humanity has lived in communities in which everyone has a role to play. Each person living in a community supports one another by accomplishing separate goals and dividing up work evenly. This allows for a greater amount of success within any given organization because no one person can do everything by themselves.

This fact has not changed, even in our modern society.

Whether if it’s giant corporations, governments, sports teams, or even just a small family, authority is delegated as evenly as possible while stay maintaining a hierarchical structure. Of course, as we know, sometimes there are pitfalls and control issues between members of a group, but for the most part, humans tend to get along well.

You might be wondering: what does this have to do with returning my own power back to me?

Well Alchemist, part of this system relies on individuals giving up parts of their own power to others in order to fulfill their wants and needs. Some of us might have fantasies of living on a remote island, picking fruit off trees and being completely independent from society, but eventually desires for technology and modern comforts will creep in and you’ll be forced to make a choice.

Our desires lead us to giving up portions of our own power. Not that there is anything wrong with having desires. But if you ever feel drained or overextended, you should ask yourself: Have I let my own wants weaken me energetically?

It is entirely possible Alchemist, that some of the things you may think you want are actually unnecessary to your own well-being and happiness.

It is likely for this reason that minimalism has gained such popularity and recent years.  It may also shed some light on why Yogis remove themselves from society and relinquish all their worldly desires. 

The return to power is a great transition that clears ones mind and frees the soul. 

After all, the choice is always ours to make - meaning of course - that we are indeed limitless,.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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