Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Life is a mysterious thing.

We are born clueless as to why we're here and must journey onwards despite the lack of such crucial knowledge. From day one, we are bombarded by information from other people about life and the nature of reality. This forces us to be firm on our beliefs in order to navigate the world with the least amount of existential dread as possible. Everyone seems to have their own perspective on our situation and so far, no interpretation seems to be the one.

Generally speaking, we humans try to avoid thinking of our untimely end and what will become of us afterward. But it's not merely the mystery of death that makes us think critically about our role in the Universe. It is the mystery of everything!

Are ghosts real? How about aliens? Why are humans the way we are? Are we living in a simulation?

Maybe questions like these pop in-and-out of your head at times or maybe they never cross your mind. Regardless of what you may be curious about, uncertainty seems to be the general mode of being on this planet.

So in a life filled with uncertainty and mystery, how do we find any kind of truth?

Some people believe there is no such thing as truth. That all of our opinions are just temporary constructs created to maintain order. Others believe in an inherent truth that encompasses all facets of the human dilemma; beliefs that usually pertain to a single Universal consciousness presiding over all living beings. Given the state of our existence, nothing can be ruled out or disproven.

This is why it's important to question ourselves and our own beliefs regularly. Think of it as a personal challenge to ask yourself in any given situation, what do I really know? Freedom from knowing allows us to create space for what might be possible, instead of only what we believe to be real. It was through this kind of self-skepticism that some of the greatest minds have found some semblance of relative truths about life. Living our lives through the courage of not knowing can be thought of as our source for meaning.

To live without being sure of ourselves and taking steps forward regardless; that is what it means to be human.

Open yourself up to the mystery of life. In return for your bravery, you will always be rewarded.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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