It seems everyone always wants a piece of you these days—a bit of your attention, time, space, and even your thoughts. But, of course, there's always a choice to be made. The decision usually falls between prioritizing yourself or others. But is this the whole picture?

How much is actually being asked of you externally? Reevaluate the stressors in your life, and you may notice a commonality between them. Most of your problems exist in either the past or future.

We talk a lot about being in the present moment in these newsletters, and for a good reason. It's essential to understand how being in the here and now truly liberates us from our problems.

When we experience negative emotions, they are usually based on imaginary dilemmas. That's not to say that people don't undergo real difficulty, but that the underlying source of the suffering comes from thinking about it.

If we want to be free of unnecessary suffering, we must plunge ourselves into present-being. The best way to do this is to pour our focus and intentions into present actions. For example, practicing yoga or Qigong postures, creating an art project, or doing any activity with the whole of your being can align you with the present moment.

Alchemist, it is only when our mind, body, and spirit sync as one towards a singular purpose that our natural bliss can unfold. So strive to become one within the now and watch as your perspective changes.

Within the present moment, you can appreciate that all is right with the world and that anything that happens is in divine order. Therefore, all that exists should be as it is, and all that will exist shall be as it needs to be.
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