Good Day, Fellow Alchemists:

It is believed that our conscious mind is comprised of only a tiny fraction of our full mental experience. Our brains perceive so much information on a day-to-day basis, which our conscious mind deems unimportant or irrelevant to our immediate survival.

This could be something as simple as the face of the mailman from your childhood home.  You may think you’ve completely forgotten it, yet it remains in the deepest recesses of your mind, which is why random characters seem to appear in your dreams. Either you remember your mailman entirely, or the dream may use his face for a new dream character. 

This ability for our dreams to use all the information available to us is not limited to memory. Many people believe that dreams are a way to connect with our unconscious selves. And at times, that unconscious self may have messages for us. The result of that communication is our strange, often enigmatic, dream sequences. 

While the events that occur in our dreams may seem random and at times, just an amalgamation of what happened the day before, there is a very unique language being spoken within them. Our dreams are a language of symbols, or as Carl Jung referred to them, archetypes. 

Archetypes can be thought of as the pinnacle of human imagination. And that pinnacle usually reaches limits that is collectively shared amongst all people. By having all of our imaginations, more often than not, reaching similarly symbolic conclusions in relation to our thoughts and emotions, a representation is formed.

Dreaming of your teeth falling out? For most people this a sign of being self-conscious about ones appearance. Do you find yourself operating a vehicle in a dream, only to lose control at a later point? This usually represents a loss of control in the direction your moving in in your waking life. Crashing planes can mean a fear of failure, climbing a mountain can mean overcoming difficulty - the list goes on and on and covers just about every dream imaginable.

If you’d like to get a better grip of the language of dreams, a good way to start would be to find a dream dictionary and begin reading through it. Also, writing down your dreams first thing in the morning will help you remember your dreams better and more vividly.

Dream interpreting offers a profound insight into the nature of our own existence, allowing us to understand what we want and need on a much higher level.​​​

By bringing awareness into the unconscious aspects of ourselves, we also become less controlled by our shadow, ​and in a sense, we are psychologically and spiritually liberated.​

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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