Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

The strangest thing about having a human experience is the trance like acceptance of our inner beliefs, and the stories we tell ourselves to validate those beliefs. 

It feels as though a narrator exists inside our mind, describing our lives like a movie or a book, in which we are the main character.​ And as the story carries on, the assumptions about which direction it should take becomes engrained within us, inevitably changing the story to fit the sensible narrative.

What we fail to see is how fictitious it al​​l is - the story, its plot, and the meaning we give to it - none of it can be presumed as true, and yet we live according to it. We even begin to limit ourselves because of these stories.

The logic behind it simple. Take for example, someone who has never passed a single class in school. Naturally, one would think this person could never become a doctor, since it is an academically orientated goal. While on its face, most of us would probably agree with this statement, however, that does not make it true. We are inclined to accept these kind of stories, not because they make sense, but because they are predictable.

Alchemist, if there is one thing the ego loves, it’s predictability. ​

The ego is like our own personal defense machine, or so it claims to be. In reality, the ego is in the business of preserving, strengthening, benefiting, and defending only itself. ​Once the ego deems something unlikely, it is strengthened by moving in the opposite direction, as to not waste time and energy.

The ego of a person who wants to be a doctor but failed in school will pull them away from being a doctor and into something else, simply because the path to becoming a doctor does not strengthen the ego. Therefore, the goal is removed from the egos desires and by proxy, our desires.​ This process creates a dynamic in which our own sensibility gets the best of us.

We become limited only to what we think is possible.

The only way to break free from this egoistic alignment is to ignore what is best for the ego; what expands and preserves it should be none of our concern.

Listen carefully to your inner voice. It may be trying to tell you something; it wants to remind you of your forgotten passions and dreams.  Things you’ve let go of simply for the sake of the ego.

Return to who you truly are and watch your egoistic nature fade in the light of your spirit.​

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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