It is not within our nature as Alchemists to spend our time blaming others for our problems. Instead, we prefer to solve the misaligned issues in our lives with a sense of personal responsibility; since we created our reality in the first place.

Though, at times it may help to understand the sources of the particular beliefs we hold that created our undesired realities. It may even bring it up from the deep unconscious and into the light of our conscious mind, thus erasing it from our manifesting matrix.

While it's safe to say that most of our beliefs stem from our personal experiences, much of our thoughts are born from the collective mind of our greater society.

It's why we have an endless list of catchy, commonly used phrases like life isn't fair, or the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Eventually, hearing limiting beliefs from parents, teachers, politicians, and other authority figures can create a false image in our minds of what life is and isn't. 

In trying to prepare young minds for the experiences to come, society subsequently imprints an illusory reality onto those who will one day inherit the planet. The new generation will then teach their children the same limiting beliefs and lock us into a dense existence filled with unwanted happenings.

It is for this reason that the most significant spiritual work is often a process of undoing. We are born Buddhas and slowly lose our wisdom as we grow to fit the misshapen holes of society's narrative. We must now return to our natural state of being, as spiritual entities, branches on the great tree that is the creator, coming down to this plane to learn from the human experience.

It may be easier to follow and accept the modern world's ways, but escaping it creates opportunities for a unique kind of growth not limited to any heights or lengths.

Be brave in the face of uncertainty, be excited! The one truth you can be sure about is that there is room to create your reality in whatever way you see fit to live it.

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