Good day, fellow Alchemists:

How aware are you of the experiences you manifest into reality? Can you see the nexuses between your thoughts and the world you live in? Perhaps you’ve already begun to trace the events in your life back to some unconscious beliefs you’ve held and are now growing past those limitations?

Yet, some experiences tend to feel enigmatic. Whatever lesson you were meant to learn from them eludes you, and an exit towards a new reality is nowhere to be found. It might seem like a cop out for your own spiritual growth, but some experiences you have might actually not stem from your own manifestations.

Alchemist, has it ever dawned on you that the people you are surrounded by play a large role in creating the world you live in? This is called co-creation, and it dictates how the world is shaped as a whole. We are all together manifesting new realities and coming into a kind of energetic contract with one another.  You can think of it kind of like a form of collective validation. 

When the entire human race agrees that pigs cannot fly, then that reality is collectively manifested. This makes certain situations very difficult to change in our favor. While this may sound a little too deterministic, there are plenty of loopholes to take advantage of to get better manifestation outcomes. We can use the collective unconscious to manifest our desires more accurately by flowing with the strong current of beliefs that already exist.

To be clear, you probably can’t make your pet pig fly like an eagle, but you can take positive perceptions that people have on any given situation and focus on it yourself. If you are going on vacation and are worried about your own safety while flying and traveling, simply tap into the collective unconscious that strongly believes that flying and traveling is safe and it will manifest smoothly within your reality.

The same can be done with peoples perception of you. If you need to perform well at something, just unlock the collective belief that you are highly capable.

By using the collective unconscious to our advantage we can freely take part in all the most positive beliefs held by those around us, rather than the negative ones.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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