For today's topic, we will be discussing an esoteric tool that has found its way into the modern world, known as the Merkaba.

The Merkaba is a concept only taught to the wisest of the spiritual leaders in the past. Its powers were hidden from the common people of that civilization out of fear that it would overthrow the powers that be. Now, that information is making its way to every corner of the world and everyone's awareness, as it should be.

Mer-ka-ba translates to light-spirit-body in Hebrew. It is the chariot of ascension for those who activate it. Many people have spoken about the Merkaba and described the details of its appearance and abilities. Essentially, the Merkaba is an etheric star tetrahedron that is activated from an individual's body and connects to their Chakra system.

As is its name, the Merkaba is a separate body that is connected to our physical and astral bodies. It is a vehicle for moving in any direction we wish. The Merkaba can travel through time and space, and every conceivable dimension. It can shrink you down to explore the microcosm, or into dreams and the Astral plane.

Just about anywhere you could imagine going, the Merkaba can attune itself to your desired frequency and take you there.

While activating it is no simple process, it is important to note that everyone does have a Merkaba. Once activated, you will be able to access its power for your travels and learning.

The star tetrahedron shape is comprised of two pyramids that rotate in the opposite direction from one another. It is generating the spinning of these two counter-rotating pyramids that activate the Merkaba around the person. The counter-rotation of the two pyramids that compose the star tetrahedron creates what is known as the toroidal field, which is a magnetic field that exists around the planet and all living things. It brings energy into itself, recycles the energy out, and brings new energy back in.

Toroidal fields are the bases for all living systems to thrive and be self-sufficient. In this case, the toroidal field creates the environment needed to cross dimensions.

Use this knowledge in your meditation, imagine the Merkaba around your body and try to make the two pyramids spin in your mind. Through your ascension process, you will activate your Merkaba, and when you do, you will be able to travel through the Universe the way the Ancients did.

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