Alchemist, your mental and emotional energy is constantly shaping reality and rearranging your experiences in such a way to fit with your unconscious beliefs.

As we've discussed in previous emails, our thoughts and subsequent creation vortex thrive off of our self-structure, the pattern of our ego. We must interrupt that pattern if we wish to create a new reality filled with our conscious desires rather than our unconscious limitations.

By stepping into a new pattern and overlaying it on our existing selves, we have the opportunity to enter a new reality through a kind of metaphysical portal. As night turns to day, so too can a conscious being shift from one state of being to another. It's part of the magic of living as a human.

The path that garners the most results in manifesting is altering the source of our limiting beliefs, the frequency we emit. Of course, the most direct way we emit vibrations is through our voice and the spoken word. Take a moment and analyze your most commonly used words. Sure, many may be neutral in their usage, but continue to examine the words you think throughout the day and how you describe your experiences. It may be a shock to discover how often you view things negatively.

Another great way of correcting your frequency is by doing a reset. You can do resets in various ways, and using a method you're most comfortable with is essential. Burning sage or incense, stepping away from a situation, or even mixing up your routine can confuse the self-structure and allow new energy to enter the mix.

So much of our lived reality thrives and grows from our inner emotional experiences. Breaking free from unwanted manifestations is challenging but very far from impossible. By centering ourselves away from the ego, we can synthesize our most authentic self, see where the source of all our attraction moves to, and have the spirit guide us through the darkness of the unconscious self.
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