Grand rising, dear Alchemist:

Our body is a wondrous tool for exploring all that the third-dimension has to offer us. We travel with it and interact with one another through it, and when our time on this planet is over, we return our body to the earth. It is truly a beautiful relationship, yet we often neglect our bodies energetic needs.

Alchemist, your mind and body crave unity with each other!

These days, most of us spend our time sitting in front of a computer or phone while our bodies waste away. It is not simply a matter of exercising and eating properly, we are completely disconnected from our body and the sensations we feel.

Our physicality is the tether that binds us to this reality. By not living through it and bringing it to our awareness through out the day, we become stuck in the world of the mind. This, of course, results in stress and a lack of overall health. 

We must remember Alchemist, that humans are three-fold beings: mental, physical, and spiritual. In order to achieve balance and growth, we must master all three of these facets in our lifetime.

It is no wonder why yogis and sages incorporated different styles of moving mediation, instead of only sitting mediation. Styles of mediation like Yoga and Qi Gong were developed for bringing the mind back into the body, allowing us to guid our pure intentions through our energetic pathways, clearing them and returning the body to a natural state. 

An easy practice of bodily awareness that anyone can do is slow-motion movements. It can be any movement, walking, eating, cleaning; as long as you’re moving slow enough to focus on every subtle shift, your mind and body will become one. If that sounds too tedious, then just try standing in one location and focus on all the sensations you feel within your body. 

The mind and body work at an optimal level when they interact with each other.  This union is an important key in maintaining a stable life.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Council
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