No matter where we are in life, we are constantly confronted with the urge to ask for advice from a friend or mentor.

We seek a kind of external validation for whatever we're undertaking in the hopes that we'll gain the courage to continue on that particular path.

While seeking advice is helpful and shows a kind of inner humility required to grow, the greatest advice is no advice.

In this strange new world we currently find ourselves in, there is a great emphasis on going your own way, carving your own path with your own hands. To ask advice from someone other than yourself is like asking for a manual on being yourself.

It might seem overly optimistic, but the most fulfilling success you can accomplish will more than likely emerge from your unfiltered self.

The controversial truth is, Alchemist, that you and you alone are in charge of your destiny. If you can wrap your mind around that singular truth, the world will become your playground.

What occurs in most people's life is they live in a state of limited beliefs. They see others achieving their dreams and attribute it to luck rather than abilities. They then help others achieve their goals while letting go of their higher calling.

To know from the depths of your soul that something is possible, you must first let go of the belief that anything is impossible. Free yourself from your observations and overly critical analysis.

If you were to see your life as a movie, it would shock you how many times you've overcome an obstacle you thought was too much for you.

Plunge headfirst into the cave you fear to enter and claim the treasure that is hiding just beneath you.
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