Good day, fellow Alchemists:

Every day, we are given a choice.

We could either move closer to a life of aligned awareness, which allows for fulfillment and love to manifest or we can choose to stay asleep in a manufactured nightmare. We can make decisions that will put us in a better position for achieving our future plans, or we can keep scrolling on social media, eating junk, and indulging in misaligned behavior.

At this very moment Alchemist, we can consciously decide that we won't allow the negativity that has been imprinted on us to dictate our lives. That we won't waste another day dwelling on what could have been or what might happen in the future, and to fully experience our bliss in the moment.

That is the power of being a conscious being! We get to decide when to yield to external forces and when to be spiritually unmoving.

As we all know, the state of the world is pretty chaotic at the moment. Uncertainty looms over us constantly. At some point, we might just feel the need to relinquish our power completely and sink into a lower vibration.

However, if we simply move our intentions inward and dissolve the inner obstacles we face, the external situations we find ourselves in will shrink in size. Our mind contains within it, all our problems and hysterias without an understanding of how to solve any of them. We must quit relying on our mind to have all the answers and find a way out of all the confusion through adherence to the soul.

The reflection in a lake can be difficult to see when the waters are frenzied. The same can be said of our minds.

In order to see the world around us clearly, we must first find peace within.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel

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