Modern society is a distracting mess. Everywhere you look, some new event catches your attention and turns you away from manifesting your own creations. Instead of pursuing your dreams, you are pressured by algorithms to feed into realities you don't want or enjoy.

It's such a twisted game. However, there is a way to escape it. You see, Alchemist, energy flows where attention goes, meaning a reality will only become more pronounced and vivid in your creation vortex if you pay attention to it. That is why we call it "paying" attention because you are literally paying with your innate power to create in exchange for a bit of amusement.

It is for this reason that spiritualists around the world disengage with external experiences. They move inwards and direct all their attention to cultivating an inner light of pure consciousness.

While inner cultivation may not be your ideal goal, you still need that power of attention to manifest the life of your dreams.

Start by making it a habit not to react emotionally to digital stimuli. The most intelligent people in the world have been hard at work to make you stay on their apps purely for profit; don't feed it with your interest.

While you don't need to revert to being a cave dweller, moving away from online activity, unless it is essential to your creation process, can create space for what you genuinely desire to experience.

Huma beings have a unique role on planet Earth, and keeping our attention caged in a digital prison or even a prison of limiting beliefs impressed on us is a distraction from our purpose.

Your attention is your superpower, Alchemist. Claim it as your own and build a life worthy of the human spirit.
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So true, thanks for the reminder!! I shall focus on the positive & put forth my plans in taking the step to fulfill my desires! It’s actually funny I woke up at around 1:15 am but I just had this feeling don’t go on instagram & I had been eyeing the love amulet, which I purchased, so very excited about receiving my gorgeous amulet, yet the Universe directed me to this website, where I discovered this blog, so I was definitely meant to be here! Thank you for sharing! Peace✌️


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