Think back throughout your life and try to remember if the following circumstances have ever happened to you. It's the middle of the night, and you're half asleep, fading in and out of consciousness. You try and move, only to realize that your body isn't responding!

Not to worry though, it is only a mild paralysis and the first sign that you are beginning a journey that could lead to worlds beyond your imagination! We're talking, of course, about astral projection.

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon well known by science. It is a chemical released by your brain while you sleep to keep you from moving around and acting out your dream in real life.

When sleep paralysis occurs, you have a choice to make. Either you let go and fall back asleep, or you force yourself awake. However, there is a third option that some people unintentionally choose; to leave the body.

The term astral projection comes from believing that we are using an astral body to explore outside our physical one. Once freed of our physical containers, we can then travel the astral realm to our heart's content.

Many researchers and spiritual seekers have explored this phenomenon and have given their perspectives on the matter. One such explorer practically pioneered the field and taught how to induce astral projection, or as he coined them, out of body experiences (OBE's). Reading through his work, it is clear that the events outside his body deeply inspired him and that they gave him a sense of clarity about life after death.

Discussing this topic begs the question, why would one desire such an experience; to be flung out of one's body and enter strange worlds? Well, Alchemist, we believe that the nature of the human spirit is that of an explorer. Who can say what mysteries hide beyond the veil of this dimension? All we can say for sure is that we are ignorant of the possibilities and that to move forward blindly and bravely is all we've ever done as humans.
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