Good day, fellow Alchemists:

All living beings on earth have a set of instructions within them that teach them how to interact with their environment. This is known as instincts, and it's wildly undervalued as a means of understanding our reality.

Instincts are thought of as some scientific process that follows the logic of all biological phenomena, and while this is true, it neglects the role spirit plays within the mechanism. Our instinctual tendencies are not simply a result of genetic methylation, a process thought to be responsible for passing down certain traits, but a shared sequence of experiences passed down to us by our ancestors.

It is possible that all our ancestor's experiences live on within our minds so that we may learn from their mistakes and achievements. This may shine some light as to why certain phobias are more common in humans than in other animals. It's not that we are simply able to foresee danger better than other animals, but that certain threats are more dangerous to humans specifically. Those threats end up becoming deeply ingrained fears that are passed down to future generations.

For example, think about the very common fear of heights. Why would humans be so keenly aware of the danger falling would pose? Because our ancestors lived in trees at one point during our evolution, so falling may have been an obvious threat to avoid, thus resulting in the fear of heights.

The same can be said about the fear of spiders, snakes, and carnivorous animals. Even children, who have never encountered any of these threats, will have their fears manifest in the form of a boogyman or monsters under their bed.

The profound effect that our ancestor's experiences have on us is important to analyze if we are to truly become self-realized. Many of our karmic pains and traumas may stem from our ancestors, which is why it is important to try and heal with their experiences in mind.

This could be the reason why so many cultures around the world revere and worship their ancestors. They knew how important it was to be connected to the past and to not let it affect them negatively by becoming conscious of its existence.

The wisdom that once was is still available to us.

All the experiences of mankind are within our minds, ready to be used and built upon for the next generation.

with love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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