Life can often be confusing and difficult to navigate. Even though we search tirelessly outside of ourselves for answers on how we should live and spend our time on this planet, rarely do any satisfying answers immerge.

After endless trial and error with various philosophical paradigms and self-help books, we may begin to accept the reality that the most authentic answers to our challenges lie within ourselves, deep within the spirit.

It may also be possible that all of our confusion stems from a disconnect between our mind, body, and spirit. This disconnect can then send us chasing around a false sense of self, the ego, which seeks to reinforce its will throughout our lives.

We end up having desires that are not our own, friends we don't vibe with, a job we never really wanted, and a life not of our choosing. This sort of existence is a direct result of not living in harmony with our spiritual nature.

To begin living side by side with our spirit, we must first unlock our authentic desires and wishes, not ones fabricated by the ego. Doing this requires us to listen carefully for the voice of the spirit, our natural voice, while in quiet meditation.

When the stillness overcomes the chaotic mind, your spirit will begin to speak. At that moment, ask specific questions. You may find that new and exciting answers arise without effort. Moreover, the perspectives you receive during these communicative experiences may trigger powerful feelings as an entirely new world opens up to you.

A life in alignment with our natural energetic pulse will also attract certain people vibrating on that same high frequency. That means people you may have a soul contract with will finally be able to enter your life as you both enter a dimension beyond the physical. The same may happen with your source of income and the friends in your life.

Let the skin of your ego shed; only then can the spirit guide you with its light.
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