Good day, fellow Alchemists:

We live in confusing times, Alchemist.

It seems the greater our intellectual reach becomes, the more difficult it is to navigate through the endless sea of beliefs that have surfaced in recent years since the rise of the information age. Some might argue that this is a good thing; that we are slowly becoming more aware of the world we live in, rather than being blind to reality. While we are certainly more knowledgeable about the world, we lack the right context that gives that knowledge meaning.

The more we know, the weaker our grip becomes on what is real. That feeling of intellectual weightlessness comes with more than its share of anxiety and uneasiness.

The truth is, Alchemist, is that reality is not what it seems.

To have an accurate understanding of the world around us, we must be mindful of what we are putting into our field of experiences. When all we are fed is information that is meant to fuel our unhappiness, that simulated reality becomes fact in our mind. This phenomenon is promulgated by social media and mainstream news networks, who all seek to profit from our constant attention.

Sanity is a fragile thing. In order to maintain our mental health, we must nurture our consciousness with proper stimulation; engage in experiences that are genuine; ones that rekindle the same natural state of bliss our ancestors lived with, despite their harsher living conditions.

Being in nature and bathing your eyes in the color of the forests and mountains is a great way to reconnect to what is real. While in nature, you are staring at similar scenery that humans have been subjected to for thousands of years, thus awakening you to a truer reality.

It is not through information that we can uncover what is true, rather, it is through experiences that we align ourselves to what is unchanging about reality.

With love and sincerity,

The Alchemy by LA Counsel
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