We are constantly experiencing a change in one form or another. It's because life is not a static thing; it is in perpetual motion and always subject to change. This singular truth means that nothing is permanent, and all that we attempt to hold onto will eventually free itself from our grasp. Thus, impermanence is the only natural constant we know.

Then why is it, Alchemist, that we are so resistant to change when confronted with it? If it is indeed a part of life, then it is also a part of ourselves. How could something so intimately connected to all life be treated as foreign by us?

Perhaps we are all still in the process of quietly accepting the truths of this world. Yet, everywhere you look, people are trying to immortalize themselves through grandiose actions. Building houses, growing a company, creating art that people will appreciate for generations; all attempts to beat the game of life and its inevitable end. But, unfortunately, it seems as though most of society prefers to separate itself from the natural world. Nevertheless, homes break down, businesses fail, and art goes unseen.

Do not be forlorn by this fact. Change, no matter how erratic or scary, is for the greater good. It manifests as a scale, bringing all of existence into equilibrium. By embracing it, change can even get an individual life to a state of tranquility.

If we live in a state of resistance, we may find ourselves spiritually exhausted from swimming against the current for so long. Eventually, we will have to allow the river to take us along wherever the water will flow.

To move forward in the face of change is to put complete trust in the Universe, believing that the scenario that is to come will be what is best for you and, by association, the whole world.

Plunge in, unafraid of what might be, and see the possibilities unfold before your eyes. The interaction of order and chaos are what brought you into existence, and they will carry you onward to your next adventure, in this life and the next.
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