Life is an experiment requiring tenacity. Rarely do we find ourselves at the perfect trajectory from the start of a new undertaking.

Every experience we have, whether it be a success or failure, teaches us to expand our minds to the possibilities that may be on their way. Prediction is a valuable skill developed only through constant trial and error; the more we do, the better we get.

This repeated experimentation unlocked all the sacred teachings we now freely learn about in the modern age. Mystics of the past observed their reactions and beliefs about the world and saw how they affected their future outcomes. And so, the Law of Attraction was born.

The same can be said of all knowledge, both spiritual and scientific. The truly important thing is Alchemist, the endeavor to keep pushing forward.

Many times in life, we wonder where our hidden treasure lies while we stand on top of it between mere inches of dirt. If you can find the inspiration to dig and keep digging, the treasure may find you.

And when all is said and done, you’ll back on the effort you made, which may have seemed like a fruitless pain, and wonder what it was you were so skeptical of while still in your search.

“Wasn’t it obvious?” You’d think to yourself. “Of course, if I simply kept trying, eventually everything would’ve worked out. “

You may be on the brink of that knowledge, dear Alchemist. Just keep digging.

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